The new and improved Ashrad!

17/05/2016 Main

Hello everyone, the new and improved Ashrad here! Read more

Getting Rid of My Belly

22/04/2016 Main

Help, I’m becoming fat! Read more

Choi Nori

07/04/2016 Main

I really love scooters, as well as my bigger bikes.  Scooters don’t give me the adrenalin rush that I get from racing around on a dirt bike, of course, but what I do love about them is how cool they look, how cute they can often be and what brilliant little city navigators they are. I have travelled a fair bit in Asian cities and have seen many middle aged men driving around the congested, smoke ridden streets on dirt bikes.  If they have a bunch of kit attached to the bike, ready for their escape from the city to some sort of adventure weekend, then I understand. It is when you see these guys going about their daily city tasks on a dirt bike that really confuses me. Firstly, they are big and cumbersome and not ideal for navigating your way past rickshaws, bicycles, cows and dogs. Secondly, when there is a moments respite in traffic congestion these beasts can really nail it and they are dangerous. Asian kids are out playing in the streets, period. Would you want your child to play near a road being utilized by extremely fast, colossal chunks of metal? No? Me neither. Lastly, grown men driving around a city on a dirt bike does look rather silly in my opinion. Read more

Dirt biking and mini dirt bikes.

18/03/2016 Main

Hello and welcome back to my blog. I hope that you are all very well. So in today’s blog entry I wanted to talk to you about another passion of mine. Something I love to do in my free time is to drive across rocky and hilly terrain and for this I use a dirt bike. I got my first dirt bike when I was 18 years old and have maintained the hobby ever since then. I’m not sure what got me into dirt biking exactly but I guess I just got a thrill from it. I also live in quite a desolate area that has a lot of rocky and hilly terrain so it is actually very useful having a dirt bike. I have never really got into scrambling myself as I am not so interested in competitive sports but the popularity of scrambling has grown significantly in India over the last few years. Read more

India's automotive history

10/03/2016 Main

Hi folks its Ash here again! So I thought meaning as this is a blog all about motor vehicles that it would be a nice idea to talk about the history of the automotive industry in India. It’s something that many of us probably don’t know that much about so should hopefully make for an informative read! Read more

Bicycles I used to own

07/02/2016 Main

Hey everyone, its Ash again and thanks ever so much for coming back to the blog. My blog isn’t just about motors that are powered by engines, I also like motors that we have to power with our legs and good old elbow grease. Yes, of course I’m referring to the bicycle or push bike as some people call it as not to get confused with a motorcycle or motorbike. Now I’ve owned many bicycles since I was a young boy. Before I was allowed to drive a car, that was the only really quick way to get around and it meant you could go and explore the local area with your friends. I remember my first bike was absolutely huge. The frame was full-sized and the wheels were ginormous. The bike actually had belonged to my father so it was definitely not designed for a young boy who hadn’t even become a teenager yet. It’s funny, I see children now with their really big bikes and I just wonder how on earth they stay on without falling off as they wobble constantly from side to side trying to keep balance and pedal at the same time. I can’t imagine how some of them get on and off. I was at least quite tall when I was young but some of these young girls are incredibly short and you really do worry for their safety. Read more

My New Maruti

01/02/2016 Main

Hello, it’s Ashrad here and I’m back for my second post. In the first post we found out that Maruti’s were the most popular car in India today. I would now like to share my personal experience with Maruti. My first car was a Maruti Omni. I’m sure many people are familiar with this car. You see so many old Omni cars driving around the streets of India. They are no longer the most popular car but I was always fond of my old blue faded Omni. It helped me in my first job delivering groceries for my family to the local market so we could earn enough money for a small living. We did not have much but my father had afforded an old blue Omni and when he could not drive anymore he passed on the old car to me so I could help him with family business. Read more

Which Cars do Indian’s like to buy most?

18/01/2016 Main

Hello it’ Ashrad and I’m back on my blog ready for the first blog post entry which is about cars as I really love cars and am interested in what kind of cars other Indian’s like to buy. Please let me know what cars your like and which cars you think are most popular in India. Read more

Ashrad Sports & Motors

09/01/2016 Main

Hello to you, my name is Ashrad. This will be my blog on Motors. I like cars very much so if you like cars, motorcylces or other motor kinds you might enjoy reading my blog and sharing interests in motors with me. Thank you for coming to my blog page. Look forward to sharing my love for motors. Read more